Joseph Mrazek Pottery Peasant Art Industries
Joseph Mrazek Pottery Peasant Art Industries

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This page was last updated on 8/24/13

Very rare Deco Vase
Stands 7 inches tall.
This is the AU pattern,
light cream background.
Mold #145


Mrazek #1
9 Black B Pitcher
No chips or cracks $95
Unusual Yellow B
covered bowl.
One small chip inside lid.
$85 plus shipping.

Mrazek #2 and #3

BB Covered Lady Powder Box

Rare covered powder box
in the BB pattern with
the peasant girl
as the handle.
Unfortunately the girl was
snapped in two
but has been glued
back together.
Still a nice example.
$ 125

Mrazek #4

10 1/2 inch plate
in the hard to find
Black K pattern.
Great paint.
$85 plus shipping

Mrazek #5

Black K Pattern
Cup, Saucer, Salad Plate
Wear on Salad
Mrazek 6

Beautiful Yellow vase
in the "B" pattern standing 8 1/2 inches tall.
Wonderful condition.
$105 plus shipping.

Mrazek 7
Left Early Orange
Blackbird Mark
Middle Green K Powder Box
Right Large Orange A Bowl

$65 Each

Mrazek 8, 9, 10
Various Mrazek Patterns
Some rare
Only a sample of the wide
variety of patterns

Not for Sale
Early Blackbird Mark
4 1/4 inch tall Creamer


Mrazek #11
Blue B Pattern Covered Dish
6 inches across

$85 plus shipping.

Mrazek #12

Orange A Pattern Covered Dish

6 inches across

Mrazek #13

Yellow K Pattern Sugar
and Creamer

Mrazek #14

Yellow K Bowl

7 inches across Mold 410
This piece has some
pin holes from production


Mrazek #15
Blue H Pattern Ashtray

Mrazek #16

Black B Pattern Small Bowl

Mrazek #17

Orange K Covered Bowl

Mrazek #18

Cigarette Box in BB Pattern

Blue Bird Design


Mrazek #19
Two People Lamps
with Original Shades
Interested in Buying
especially in other
colors and patterns
Not for Sale

Mrazek #20

BB Trivet
6 inch diameter
Click on picture
for larger view


Mrazek #21

Blue B Pattern Teapot
Small Size 5 1/2 Inches Tall
Colored Chip on Spout

Mrazek #22

Covered Mayo
In Black B Pattern

$55 plus shipping

Mrazek #23
Book Available on
Peasant Art Pottery

By Harold and Robert Mrazek

Available through most
bookstores or online

Mrazek #24

Black B Cup and Saucer
$20 plus shipping

Mrazek #25